Affiorato 2023 Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand picked olives pressed within 24 hours.
  • An exceptional, tasty and rare vintage .
  • So delicious, Affiorato 2023, perfect for your daily cooking
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Affiorato is the Advent oil, the first pressed olive oil of the year. A perfectly well-balanced olive oil with a unique character, very grassy, milky and soft at the same time. Once again, this year Oliviers&Co has selected the best Sicilian estate, Oleificio Geraci, to offer gourmets this exceptional, & creamy vintage.

. This early olive oil, unfiltered is the result of a know-how and an early harvest. The olives, still green, are picked entirely by hand and pressed a few hours after the olive harvest. Affiorato 2023 reveals incredible notes of artichoke and green apple, enhanced by a touch of fresh almond. A pure delight 100% Nocellara del Belice!  When consumed immediately after pressing, Affiorato offers all its benefits with a maximum of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Artichoke, Fresh Grass, Green Apple
Olives: 100 % Nocellara del Belice
Country / Region: Italy
Harvest date: Oct 19, 2022
Producteur: Massimiliano Geraci

It can be used with many dishes or simply for pleasure on a good bread with “fleur de sel
Perfect with: Cooked or raw vegetables, poultry and roasted meats, seafood, fresh cheese, mashed potatoes, winter dishes such as soups or  pasta roasted in oven.

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Affiorato
Volume: 1 liter
Origin: Italy
Ingredients: olives: 100% Nocellara del Belice
Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place.


Affioratothat literally means "what comes to the surface", takes its name from an old manufacturing process used in Italy. The oil being lighter than water, it " showed " on the surface and the nectar obtained had the specifity of being fresh and delicate.

To produce this intense nectar for Oliviers&Co, Massimiliano Geraci, a long-standing partner, has set up an exceptional selection method. The most beautiful parcels of olive trees are carefully selected and then only the healthiest and greenest Nocellara del Belice olives are crushed immediately after harvesting. As a result of the summer dry periods, this year 7 to 8 kg of olives per liter were needed to produce this great, creamy vintage.

Harvested and pressed in very short time, Affiorato is immediately brought to France to be bottled in Provence.

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