Feudo Disisa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand-picked and pressed within 24 hours
  • A unique fresh fragrance of seaweed
  • Ideal for all lovers of vegetable oils
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16.8 FL OZ

An unique and distinctive sea spray taste

Located in the province of Palermo, these olive groves overlook the blue waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The name of the estate is synonymous with the beauty and fertility of its land: Disisa, from the Arabic word Aziz, meaning splendid.

This smooth and powerful olive oil presents a `taste of green' and reveals a unique iodized scent, very characteristic of this Sicilian land. An excellent accompaniment to all tomato-based dishes, whilst also being perfect for flavoring a simple plate of al dente plate pasta or any grilled fish.

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Artichoke, Fresh Seaweed, Sea Spray, Cucumber Skin, Oyster
Olives: 100% Cerasuola
Country / Region: Italy
Harvest date: Sep 30, 2021
Producteur: Mario Di Lorenzo

Spinach salad, Asparagus soup, Marinated anchovies, Sage ravioli, Gnocchi, Cold cucumber soup

Olives: 100% Cerasuola

Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light 


Located at 400 meters above sea level on the rolling hills of the Monreale countryside lies the Disisa estate, one that stretches from the Valley of Belice up to the Valley of Jato. The Di Lorenzo family have owned the estate for almost 200 years, and are renowned for the excellence of their oils obtained through a combination of innovation and respect for both tradition and nature.

This land is one that has created a beautiful fable: the legend of the treasure of Disisa. When Mario's ancestors came to this land a century ago, they searced everywhere for this treasure, and they finally found it. Unlike what they first believed, the treasure was not buried underground, but in fact hidden in the tips of the tree branches, and in each of the fruits of their orchards.

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