Moulin Dozol-Autrand PDO

  • Extra virgin olive oil, olives harvested by hand and pressed within 24 hours
  • Certified PDO Nyons olive oil
  • A delicate taste of ripe and fragrant black olives
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The creamiest of our olive oils

At Moulin Dozol-Autrand olive oil has been produced with passion for 14 generations!

Since 1750, this PDO Nyons olive oil has been produced using only the Tanche olive variety, picked when they are fully ripe and black in color in December.

This creamy and smooth olive oil, which smells of fresh butter and hazelnut, will seduce gourmets who love tasty, delicate oils that are not spicy or bitter.

Taste profile: Floral & Delicate
Aromatic Notes: Crème Fraîche, Fresh Butter, Hazelnut
Olives: 100% Tanche
Country / Region: France
Harvest date: Nov 30, 2021
Producteur: Franck Dozol

Caesar salad, suckling lamb shoulder, fine fish, fried apricot and vanilla 

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dozol Autrand

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin : France

Ingredients : Olives : 100% Tanche

Special storage conditions : Keep away from heat and light  


The Dozol-Autrand family's mill has been able to modernize itself to combine both technological innovation alongside taditional craftsmanship. The expertise acquired over the years is reflected in this pure olive oil, knwn as the best olive oil in Nyons.

A typical variety to the region, the Tanche has the particularity of being black in color and wrinkled from the cold winter, all of which gives a unique flavor. Nyons PDO oil is the guarantee of knowing the place of production and manufacturing and is defined by its softness and creaminess.