Finca la Torre Extra Virgin Olive Oil MONOVARIETAL

  • Pressed within 2 hours of harvesting 
  • Made for the lovers of grassy and spicy oils
  • Gold medal at the international NYIOOC 2022 competition
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16.8 FL OZ

The Spiciest 

Native to the Cordoba region, the Hojiblanca is a reference to the light color of this olives leaves.

Made exclusively with Hojiblanca olives, this Finca la Torre olive oil is characterized by its strong aromas of fresh cut grass and an incredible length in mouth.

"A unique grassy and spicy taste with a final touch of white pepper"

Victor Pérez is a passionate and dedicated producer, and he constantly aims for perfection with each harvest.

"I am proud to produce one of the best olive oils in the world, awarded every year for its extraordinary properties, its purity and its unique taste"

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Artichoke, Fresh Grass, Tomato Leaf, White Pepper
Olives: 100% Hojiblanca
Country / Region: Spain
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2021
Producteur: Victor Perez

Toamto bread, antipasti, seafood pasta, stuffed calamari, salmon chirashi

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietale Finca la Torre

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin: Spain

Ingredients: Olives: Hojiblanca 100%.

Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light  


Located in the Fuente de Piedra nature reserve, north of Malaga, Finca La Torre is a pioneer in the world of biodynamic extra virgin olive oil production.

The compost used to fertilize the lands, is made from crushed olive pulp and manure from neighboring farms, and a specific calendar gives them the perfect time for when to harvest.

One Olive, One land, One flavor

Made from a single variety of olive: the single variety olive oil allows you to discover the characteristics of a pure olive juice and reveal its character, its taste, its perfume, its subtlety in the mouth.

Like the grape variety in wine, the botanical variety of the olive and its aromatic maturity are strong markers in the taste of an exceptional extra virgin olive oil. However, the land, the climate, the harvesting method and the know-how in pressing the olives are also determining factors.

Always with a requirement of unique traceability, the 4 star

olives selected by Oliviers&Co for this new tasting initiation answer the sweet names of Buza, Hojiblanca, Frantoio or Cailletier.