Vergers de la Galine Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORGANIC

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil harvested with a net and comb and pressed within 24 hours
  • A creamy and well rounded organic oil 
  • The gem of organic French olive oils
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The New French Organic Gem

This atypical orchard located in the Durance valley produces a sweet organic olive oil bursting with flavor. Its notes of cooked apple, fresh pear, and almond make this olive oil, PDO Haute-Provence, a delicacy.

Gaêtan's secret: agroforestry, combining the cultivation of the olive trees with free-range breeding of old hens in the orchards, creating an intelligent ecosystem.

 The olives are harvested while still green to preserve all their delicious flavors and nutritional qualities. This oil has character, and will enhance all your dishes and salads; best served fresh. 

Taste profile: Floral
Aromatic Notes: Almond Cream, Baked Apple, Fresh Butter, Grilled Hazelnut, Pine Gable
Olives: 90% Aglandau, 10% (Picholine, Cailletier, Bouteillan)
Country / Region: France
Harvest date: Nov 30, 2021
Producteur: Gaêtan Boyeau

Sliced raw zucchinis, Mashed potatoes, Stuffed zucchinis, Sautéed lamb, Peach salad, Yoghurt cake

Olives: 90% Aglandau, 10% (Picholine, Cailletier, Bouteillan)

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool and dark place.  


As a former submariner, Gaêtan Boyeau left the seas to relocate to the heart of Provence, he wished to finally live out his passion of being a hen breeder and fruit & olive producer. 

At the Galine orchard, the presence of the hens is what allows for the olive trees to undergo no chemical treatments. The hens help to reduce the development of parasites and create an ideal organic fertilizer, through scratching and aerating the soil. 

Although unusual, this way of producing means that nature and time must work in harmony together, and this allows for the fruit to reach their full ripeness and maximize their flavor. This process results in a rare oil that is typical of Haute-Provence.