Agricola Mascio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand-harvested olived, pressed within 24 hours
  • A perfect intense grassy olive oil
  • A fluid, airy and powerful olive oil
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16.8 FL OZ

A Gourmet Olive Oil

Mascio’s orchard is located in Trevi, Umbria, a region known for the beauty of its green landscapes and the quality of its olive oils. A true example of purity, this olive oil, mainly Moraiolo, is remarkable for its spiciness and its intense grassy power. Its fresh flavor and herbaceous scents make it a condiment, a spice ideal for raw cooking​.

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Fresh Grass
Olives: 85% Moraiolo,10% Frantoio, 5% Leccino​
Country / Region: Italy
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2022
Producteur: Giuseppe Giancarlini

Risotto, grilled peppers, salmon tartar, ricotta ravioli

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Societa Agricola Mascio

Volume: 16.8 Fl Oz - 500 ml

Origin: Italy

Ingredients: 100% 85% Moraiolo,10% Frantoio, 5% Leccino​

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


It is near the beautiful province of Perugia, south of Tuscany, that Giuseppe Giancarlini takes care of his orchard with passion to produce the best olive oils in the world every year.

Nearly 8000 olive trees are spread over the estate, benefiting from a calcareous soil and a southwest exposure. This exclusive small batch offers extraordinary sensations. The nose is fresh and very intense, revealing aromas of artichoke and delicious notes of bitter almond.

Discovered 10 years ago by Oliviers&Co, this oil since then has been selected each vintage for its unique organoleptic quality. It is one of the flagships of the Oliviers&Co selection.

Mascio Olive Oil Characteristics:

Polyphenol rate: 345mg/Kg
Acidity rate: 0,19%
Peroxid Index: 4,8meq02/Kg


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