Domaine De Malaric Extra Virgin Olive Oil MONOVARIETAL

  • A unique oil produced exclusively for Oliviers&Co
  • Soft and round aromas perfect to season salads and desserts
  • Limited edition with only 1000 bottle - not to be missed !

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The Most Gourmet 

Much like the Nicoise or Taggiasca varieties (from Italy) the Cailletier olive variety reveals amawing notes of almond paste, white flower and dried nuts. A uniquely small olive with a large stone produces an incredibley soft and creamy oil.

"A sunny sweetness that exhales the aromatic fragrances of the olive blossom."

Taste profile: Floral
Aromatic Notes: Cashew Nut, Garrigue, Hazelnut, Olive Blossom, Marzipan
Olives: 100% Cailletier
Country / Region: France
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2021
Producteur: Patrick Gounelle
Stuffed tomatoes, Niçoise salad, Tabbouleh, veal sauté with olives, whipped cream

Name : Extra Virgin Olive Oil Domaine de Malaric Monovarietale

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin : France

Ingredients : Olives : Cailletier 100%.

Special storage conditions : Store in a cool and dark place.  


One Olive, One place, One flavor

With a respect for the environment and a traceability guarantee this producer has channeled his passion and values into the creation of an excellent oil. With a in depth knowledge of the olive tree Patrick doesn't stray far away from tradition when it comes to the production process. 

This velvety oil will surprise you with its aromatic richness and its both creamy and fresh taste.

"The Domaine De Malaric is a centuries-old family farm located in the commune of Uzès in the Gard. Today, the estate covers 25 hectares if land, planted with 3,500 olive trees, hundreds of vinyards and a scattering of fruit trees"