Oleificio Geraci Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORGANIC

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil pressed within 24 hours of harvesting
  • An exceptional oil made with 100% Biancolilla olives
  • A floral and balanced taste with a creamy texture
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100% Biancolilla, a product of patience and balance by Massimiliano Geraci

In the heart of the Valle Del Belice under the Sicilian sun, Massimiliano Geraci produces this fragrant olive oil through the combination of tradition, respect for the land and innovation.

With a floral scent, and a fresh and creamy flavor, this Sicilian organic olive oil is produced exclusively from the Biancolilla olive variety. A true delight to be enjoyed on a good toasted country bread.

Taste profile: Floral
Aromatic Notes: Fresh Butter, White Blossom, Pine Gable
Olives: 100% Biancolilla
Country / Region: Italy
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2021
Producteur: Massimiliano Geraci

Carpaccio of scallops, Spinach with cream, Risotto, Fresh goat cheese and soups

Olives: 100% Biancolilla

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool and dark place.


Rooted in the Valle del Belice, The Geraci family has been producing Sicilian Olive Oils of exceptional quality for four generations. Massimiliano, together with his brother Lorenzo, dedicates himself entirely to his orchards, ensuring that each bottle is a unique experience, a journey with the flavors of Sicily. This dedication pays off as this is an Oil that has been recognized and awarded at both national and international levels. 

The olives ripen in the heart of Belice Valley in Partanna, a place of authentic beauty and history. The hand-picking of the olives allows for the selection to be carried out in a sustainable way, whilst also ensuring to pick only the highest quality of olives. Although it is a method that produces a lower yield, the quality is high and the oil is rich in polyphenols with a very low acidity level. This superb batch highlights the delicious Biancolilla variety.