Organic Pressed Olive & Fresh Lemon

  • Organic oil, 100% natural - no added flavours
  • Tart and powerful taste of fresh lemon, 10% lemon
  • A real flavour enhancer from starter to dessert 
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8.4 FL OZ
Let yourself be surprised by the freshness of this new organic lemon oil made with lemons from Calabria. The organic olives and lemons are harvested by hand and pressed together on the day of harvest. During the blending process, the juice and peel of the fruit combined with the quality of the olives give this Calabrian specialty an intensity and an amazingly tangy taste. This aromatic oil is ideal to bring freshness and pep to your daily dishes.

Mixed salads, Carpaccio or grilled fish, Tabbouleh, Chicken aiguillettes, Lamb Tajine, Fruit salad, To flavour cakes, buns, pancakes 

Name: Olive* & Lemon* Specialty  *organic

Net quantity :  8.4 Fl Oz

Origin: Product of Italy

Ingredient List : Olives* 90% Lemon* 10% *organic

Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place


A rare oil from the Italian tradition: fresh lemons are added to the olives during the pressing. An all-natural product made in Puglia in southern Italy, where the tradition of pressed olives and citrus fruits from Abruzzo has been reinvented. In Abruzzo it was customary, at the end of the olive harvest, to degrease the millstones by crushing lemons. The oil obtained, very fragrant, was reserved for family use. Today, the lemons are freshly squeezed whole and the ginger is pressed at the same time as the olives.

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