Currant and Pomegranate Specialty Vinegar

  • 100% natural sweet vinegar with no added flavor
  • A balance of acidity and fruitiness
  • Very easy to use for both savoury and sweet recipes
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Deliciously fruity, its sour taste of redcurrant associated with the sweet and juicy pomegranate will bring freshness and fantasy to your savory and sweet recipes. This summer vinegar evokes the taste of the ripe skin of fresh currants eaten directly from the garden.

To release all their aromas, freshly picked currants and pomegranates are macerated in vinegar that is slightly heated, then very quickly cooled to preserve the taste of the fresh fruit.

Combined with summer olive oil, you have a great duo for an explosion of flavors!

Summer salads,  Green salads ,  Tomato salad, eggplant caviar, Melon gazpacho, Cauliflower tabbouleh, Beef carpaccio, Duck or chicken breast , marinade, Wok of pork or chicken , Fish carpaccio, Fruit salad , Deglazing of pork or veal roasts , Red fruit tiramisu, Strawberry soup,  On lime sorbet or olive oil ice cream,  In a sparkling cocktail  

Alcohol vinegar 67%, currant 15%, pomegranate 10%, sugar

Currant: origin Portugal

Pomegranate :origin Portugal


Created by our master vinegar maker, this new vinegar sweetness is distinguished by its beautiful intense red color and its delicious and regressive fragrance.

The Currant:

These small, bright red berries are the fresh, tart summer fruit par excellence. Full of juice, they offer an explosion of flavor in the mouth and surprise with their vitality. The red color of the pomegranate will surely remind you of fresh grenadine, so pleasant in summer.

The pomegranate:

Only pomegranates picked when fully ripe and full of sunshine are selected to make this original recipe. A jewel of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, its sweet and sparkling taste brings sweetness and deliciousness to your summer recipes, from starters to desserts. 

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