Specialty Vinegar with Geranium

  • A culinary perfume with floral and acidulous flavors reminiscent of Grasse's Rose perfume.
  • A limited edition gastronomic vinegar .
  • To create delicious vinaigrettes, this condiment loves beautiful grassy olive oils and pressed olive & fresh lemon.
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3.4 FL OZ
Inspired by its delicate scent reminiscent of the rose, our master vinegar maker had the audacity to create exclusively for Oliviers&Co a sweet vinegar with geranium from Grasse! Deliciously bewitching, its flowery and acidulous taste, slightly lemony, will make you travel while bringing a subtle touch to your salted or sweetened preparations. A unique gastronomic vinegar for all gourmets in search of culinary discovery.
All salads, fish, carpaccio of scallops or sea bream, pan-fried chicken breast, oysters, marinades, strawberry salad and desserts.
Wine vinegar (sulfites)50%, white balsamic vinegar (sulfites),sugar, Andaliman berries, French geranium leaf 1%, combava leaf.

This unique recipe is elaborated like a perfume according to an exceptional know-how; fresh and fragrant geranium leaves from Grasse (Pelargonium Graveolens), some Andaliman berries and combava leaves are infused in white wine vinegar.

A creation born from the meeting of 2 passionate craftsmen: A nursery gardener, Yannick Fournet, French specialist of pelargonium and our master vinegar maker, Frederic Chaix. The variety used is rare because it comes from the original strain Pelargonium Roseumcreated for the perfumery in Grasse in 1850. The geranium leaves of Grasse, rich in essential oil, are also appreciated in gastronomy for their magical perfumes of rose, lemongrass, and spicy notes; as taste enhancers, wild Andaliman berries and combava leaves are added to the maceration.

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