Guacamole Spice Blend

  • Spicy just as you like it
  • Super easy recipe
  • A true gustatory experience
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Easy spices: 1 teaspoon of this blend mixed with a ripe avocado + 1/2 diced tomato and 1 dash of lemon juice will give you a delicious guacamole.

Bread, chips, tortillas, ... Guacamole is the perfect appetizer!

Onion, paprika, cumin, salt, garlic, cilantro, Cayenne pepper

Mexican gastronomy is part of the intangible heritage of humanity since 2010. Guacamole is emblematic of this colorful and tasty cuisine. Legend has it that the God Quetzacoatl gave the recipe to the Toltec people.

Historically, guacamole was prepared by men with a pestle in a large mortar, the molcajete. Guacamole is the symbol of the marriage of Aztec and Spanish cultures. Each region, each city, each family has its traditional version.

The expertise of spices by Terre Exotique

At the confluence of culinary traditions, botany and the poetry of the world, Terre Exotique has been searching for many years for the source of peppers, berries, seeds and other wild follicles to enrich your daily life with new flavors.

The know-how from the plant to the plate, and often ancestral, are at the heart of their approach. Aware that they are not inventing anything, they wish to pass on excellence through an approach that respects biodiversity and a quest for new flavors that is as passionate as it is demanding.