Five-Pepper Mix

  • 5 peppers
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Asian scents
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43 g

This exotic blend of five ground aromatic peppers yields a balance between spicy and Asian flavors. A pinch of this pepper mix will add a unique and flavorful spiciness to your recipes.

Made with white peppercorns, black peppercorns, Sichuan pepper berries long pepper and tailed pepper.

Ideal on grilled meat, smoked fish, stir-fried shrimp, grilled sardines, wine-poached fruits, chocolate mousse or chocolate cake, strawberry with balsamic vinegar or cheeses.
White Pepper, Black Pepper, Tailed Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Long pepper

White peppercorns are obtained from the mature seeds. The taste of white pepper is more pronounced than black peppercorns, however it is less pungent.

Black Peppercorn is characterized by a warm and strong taste in the mouth. It has a lively taste and reveals fruity and woody notes with a pleasant long finish.

Sichuan pepper berries come from the prickly ash tree (from China) and are thus not classified in the “piperum” category. This pepper delicately combines woody and aniseed flavors to slightly lemony notes.

Long pepper: its taste evokes the flavors of cinnamon and licorice. A pepper full of elegance with warm and sweet flavors.

Tailed pepper, also called cubeb berries, is characterized by its spicy and slightly tart flavors. Its fragrance reveals pleasant notes of eucalyptus and lemon. Ideal for those who are keen on mild pepper!

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