Orange Specialty Vinegar

  • The taste of gourmet in a single vinegar bottle, combining two key winter ingredients
  • A unique creation to give a warm and fruity touch to your everyday dishes
  • The incredible pairing of Orange & Cinnamon
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The taste of gourmet in a singular bottle

Oliviers&Co has created a new fruity vinegar based on two main ingredients that truly capture the flavors of winter:

. Orange, the Mediterranean citrus fruit

. A touch of Cinnamon: the star of the winter spices 

A truly unique vinegar created by the master vinegar maker of Oliviers&Co. Made with exceptional ingredients: ​beautiful blond and sweet oranges called Orange Vanilla, and a fine and delicate spice, the cinnamon flower bud.​Deliciously fruity, the orange associated with warmth abd the notes of the cinnamon button will bring gourmet and freshness to the table, and will make you feel as though it truly is Christmas everyday.

All autumn salads, on a mesclun to accompany foie gras deglazing and poultry papillotes, duck breast, tajine, apple pie, baked apples with vanilla ice cream, pavlova

Acohol vinegar (sulphites), orange 11%, sugar, lemon 7,5%, cinnamon flower bud 1%, combava leaf.​Orange origin: Portugal​Cinnamon flower bud origin: Vietnam​

The cinnamon buds

​The cinnamon button comes from the flower of cinnamon that is dried, it looks much like a clove. The flower is much sweeter than the bark of the cinnamon tree (cinnamorum cassia) that is more often consumed in powder. The cinnamon buds are used in both sweet & savory cooking, making for a fine and slightly spicy perfume, but much less strong and potent than the usual flavor of cinnamon. ​

Vanilla orange or sweet orange 

The vanilla orange belongs to the family of blond oranges. Not very widespread, these oranges are mainly cultivated in Sicily and Portugal. Its particularity: a very sweet, low in acid juice that will remind you of vanilla!