Chopped Thyme

  • A thyme with sweet, fresh and iodized notes.
  • Used a main ingredient in Mediterranean cooking
  • Can be combined with any other aromatic herbs
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Thyme will give a herbaceous taste to your dishes and will bring summer airs to them.

It is generally found in Mediterranean cuisine but don't hesitate to vary the pleasures.

You can use thyme to spice up different types of dishes:

. with your pizzas: sprinkle a little thyme on the topping before putting your pizza in the oven or incorporate this aromatic directly into your dough

. with your grilled meats: add a little thyme at the end of cooking on your meats or fish

. with vegetables: to spice up a pan of vegetables or potatoes with apricots: thyme goes particularly well with this fruit, in a pie or in juice

Note also that thyme can be easily combined with other herbs such as rosemary, basil, garlic or onion. 

With any meat, fish, vegetables... 


The expertise of spices by Terre Exotique

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