Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  • No preservatives, unpasteurized and unfiltered
  • Orchards cultivated in organic pasture, in France
  • Many heath benefits combined to a tasty vinegar
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This delicious organic apple cider vinegar comes from organic farming. Made without preservatives, unpasteurized and unfiltered, this apple cider vinegar is obtained by a double fermentation: a first fermentation of the apple juice to get the cider, a second acetic fermentation of the cider to get the vinega.

It takes 12 months on average: this slow process allows the production of aromatic esters which explains the perfect taste of this vinegar. Mixing near 20 old varieties of apples is another key explanation of this unique taste: Mettais, Petit Jaune, Rouget de Dol, Guillevic or Saint Nicolas ....

Many health benefits: the apple cider vinegar is a perfect health ally for weight loss, antibacterial, skin benefits, blood sugar regulation ... 

This vinegar has many uses for cooking.

It is used primarily for dressings, marinades, deglazing poultry and pickles, but also to make baked apples and detox drinks.

Pairs perfectly with : spring quinoa salad, pickles, coleslaw, monkfish with cider vinegar and honey, baked apples, dried fruits

ORGANIC cider apples, origin: France 


The benefits of organic cider vinegar are countless: antioxidant, antiseptic, tonic, slimming ally ....

Lively and fruity, our French cider vinegar is made by a couple of committed producers.

Their orchards are located in the middle of the mountains and are cultivated in organic eco-pasture, an eco-responsible method of cultivation grazed by Highland cows.