Pesto Trapanese with Basil & Almond

  • An extraordinary creation
  • Sicilian almonds
  • Tomatoes and basil
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90 g
Great classics of Italian cuisine, sauces & pestos are part of Mediterranean way of live. Oliviers&Co presents a selection of exceptional culinary sauces. From traditional genovese pesto to pistachio pesto, discover an exquisite collection to bring sunny notes to your dishes! An extraordinary recipe giving a tribute to the city of Trapani! The Sicilian almonds go wonderfully with the tomatoes and the basil.
With pasta or Parmesan cheese, roasted veal roast or fish, as a preparation of a tomato crumble, as appetizer on puff pastry
Sunflower oil, rehydrated sundried tomato, extra virgin olive oil, almonds 8,5%, basil, salt, wine vinegar, garlic, chili pepper. Keep refregirated after opening.

Essential elements of Italian gastronomy, sauces and pestos are part of the Mediterranean art of living. Oliviers&Co presents a demanding selection of culinary aids, made with top quality ingredients. From the traditional Genovese pesto to the original pistachio pesto, discover an exquisite selection to bring sunshine to your plates!