Best Of Gift Set

  • The Bestsellers of the Oliviers&Co collection in a perfect size
  • A jewel case composed of 5 iconic and elegant jars
  • The perfect hostess gift (even more if you are the hostess!)
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The well-known Best Of Gift Set is back with all its delightful flavors!


Oliviers&Co revisits the jewel case to offer an assortment of 5 iconic jars filled with aromatic oils and vinegars: fresh basil olive oil, fresh lemon olive oil, black truffle aroma olive oil, pink grapefruit vinegar and Balsamic vinegar.

All the best sellers of the Oliviers&Co collection in a small size to enhance your Holidays tables and create magical delicious moments.


The perfect hostess gift idea of course!

Olive & Basil Specialty: Tomato & mozzarella salad, tomato-based dishes, salads, dried beans, spelt salad, pasta, sauces, fruit-based desserts.

Olive & Lemon Specialty: A simple drizzle on your scallop carpaccio, tuna or salmon tartar, endive salad, marinades, grilled or steamed vegetables...

Black Truffle Aroma Specialty with Olive Oil (99.75%): Drizzle over pasta, vegetable dishes, mushroom risotto, scallops, eggs and asparagus for a luxurious finish...

Premium Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena: Drizzle on grilled meat, chicken, or fish, baked vegetables and even desserts

Pink Grapefruit Vinegar: Fish or crustacean tartare, all salads...

Olive & Basil Specialty: Olive 99%, Basil 1%

Olive & Lemon Specialty: Olives 99% Lemon 1%

Black Truffle Aroma Specialty with Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil 99,75%, black truffle aroma 0,25%

Silver Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena PGI: Cooked grape must (Sulfites), wine vinegar (Sulfites)

Specialty vinegar with pink grapefruit: Concentrated grape must (sulfites), pink grapefruit juice 25%, white wine vinegar 17% (sulfites)

This gift set contains: 

  • Pressed olive & basil 50ml 
  • Pressed olive & lemon 50ml
  • Black Truffle Aroma Specialty with Olive Oil (99.75%) 50ml 
  • Silver Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena PGI 50ml 
  • Specialty vinegar with pink grapefruit 50ml 

In an elegant box, an assortment of 5 jars of aromatic olive oils and condiments. To obtain these exceptional oils and condiments, Oliviers&Co. has selected the best natural ingredients and chosen methods that best preserve their aromas.