Gold Duo

  • The  Gold and Shiny Duo
  • The perfect taste at your table
  • Ideal for Gourmets
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The Gold Duo combines two gold products : the gold balsamic vinegar and a Rameaux d'Or, the Organic Pruneti

Made in the truest respect of tradition, this balsamic vinegar of Modena is obtained from the finest grapes harvested late. Left to age for at least three years in quality wooden barrels, it acquires a sweet taste with a unique shade of colour.

Pruneti Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rameaux d'Or: Produced from an early harvest, this organic olive oil reveals powerful notes of freshly cut grass and artichoke upon tasting, a typical characteristic of the Chianti terroir. With finishing notes that are every so peppery, this oil will leave you wanting more; a true archetype of a great Tuscan oil.



Olive Oil: Green beans, Tomato-burrata, Steak tartare, Raw artichoke, Leek ravioli Vinegar: Drizzle on simple salads, cheese, vegetables, fruit and even desserts for a luxurious treat

Olive Oil: Olives: 85% Frantoio​ 10% Leccino​ 5% other

Gold Vinegar: Cooked grape must (sulfites), winevinegar (sulfites)

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