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Holidays Olive Oil: Oliviers&Co's Flagship Product!

Oliviers&Co has selected a wonderful Italian Grand Cru olive oil with unique aromatic notes: Sabino Leone. In its elegant bottle, this limited edition is the perfect gift for the end of the year.


Holidays Vinegar: Festive mood in a bottle

For the end of the year celebrations, Oliviers&Co has created a new vinegar based on the fruits of the forest (red berries) to bring an original and greedy note to all your festive meals, sweet or salty.

This unique vinegar was created by our master vinegar maker with exceptional ingredients: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries & redcurrants freshly picked under the Mediterranean sun.

Perfectly balanced, the acidity of the raspberry and redcurrant is balanced with the sweet and fruity notes of the blackberry and blueberry. This specialty vinegar will bring greed and color to make your festive plates sparkle from starter to dessert.

Holidays Vinegar: To deglaze a duck breast; Duck gizzard salad;  Beef carpaccio; Beetroot carpaccio; Hot goat's cheese salad; greens to accompany foie gras; Fruit salads; On vanilla ice cream or blackcurrant sorbet; Campari cocktail; Raspberry panna cotta; To soak the biscuits of a red fruit tiramisu; In a glass of sparkling water; To caramelize a fruit tart. Sabino Leone Holiday Olive Oil: Cooked vegetables, grilled shrimps, scallops,artichoke carpaccio, simmered meats and fresh goat cheese.

Wild Berries Vinegar: Alcohol vinegar(sulphites),   sugar,  forest fruits (wooden berries) 20% (blackberry, redcurrant,  raspberry,  blueberry)

Holidays Sabino Leone Olive OIl: 100% Coratina olives, typical of the Puglia region

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