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    FREE POURER with this Set for Appetizers recreates a typical Mediterranean moment!

    The Green Olive & Pistachio Tapenade combines the soft texture and sweet notes of the pistachio with the wonderful savory green olive. The amazing recipe of the Traditional Basil Black Olive Tapenade is perfect for packing a punch in your favorite recipes.

    Try any of our spreads on pieces of bread with Lemon Olive Oil for an unforgettable experience. Adding some Black Olives Kalamata would make the moment even more special.

    Serve the black olive tapenade on crispy toast. Use the Olive and lemon Oil as a dip for fresh bread. The lemony acidity enhances the olive flavors while adding a touch of freshness. By exploring these combinations, you can offer a varied and delicious appetizer experience to your guests. 

    Black Olives Kalamata with Oregano: This purple olive is Greece's most famous and popular olive. Tasting suggestion: to be enjoyed for the aperitif, in a Greek salad, a white bean salad.

    Green Olive & Pistachio Tapenade: For this tapenade, Alain Llorca remains faithful to his Mediterranean upbringing - simple, rustic and natural. Alain's take on the olive spread highlights the sweet flavor of pistachios, where the pleasure of exquisite taste is also that of surprise and mystery. 

    Black Olive & Basil Tapenade: A great classic of the Mediterranean basin where a fresh and aromatic note of the basil of Provence magnifies the black olive.

    Olive & Lemon Oil:  It is a great way to enjoy the fresh taste of lemon without the acidity, and is versatile enough to be baked into a pound cake or drizzled over poached fish. A classic!