Sweet Quatuor

  • The ideal gift for all food lovers & gourmets
  • Perfect for a crepes party
  • 4 treats to enjoy 
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In a wonderful box, the Sweet Quatuor contains:
1 mini jar of lemon curd(1.41 oz): Sweet yet lemony and zesty, Oliviers&Co's traditional lemon curd is made in Portugal and inspired by the famous British recipe.
1 mini pistachio spread(1.41 oz): This sweet pistachio spread made with olive oil is Oliviers&Co's twist on a traditional Sicilian delicacy.
1 mini jar of hazelnut honey(1.41 oz): Hand made, this honey & hazelnut delight is an ideal spread for children, its natural composition allows it to combine greed and health.
1 mini fig melon spread (1.41 oz): A gourmet jam with sunny notes. Fig and melon marry wonderfully with the delicately sweet alliance of star anise and vanilla
Perfect for stocking stuffer!

on a slice of toast or a brioche for breakfast, on pancakes or to fill Christmas cakes and pastries

Cake preparations (muffins, cheesecakes, cupcakes), to brush on a pie crust or to enjoy in a simple fromage blanc! On toast, brioche, pancakes...

White meat, duck breast, carrots with honey, tea, cottage cheese, biscuits, on toast, fruit salad, gingerbread...


Enjoy spread on toast, panettone, brioche, or a freshly baked croissant, even as a base for a red fruit tart

Fig Lemon Marmalade: Fruits 59% (fig 33%, melon 26%), cane sugar, acid: concentrated lemon juice*, natural vanilla extract 0,46% gelling agent: fruit pectin, star anise 0.09%. *use as needed. Made with 70g / 2.46 oz of fruit for 100g / 3.5 oz. Total sugar content 55g / 1.9 oz for 100g / 3.5 oz

Lemon Curd: Sugar, lemons 20%, eggs 17%, butter 8%.

Hazelnuts honey: 87% lavender hoeny (lavander papillon), 13%hazelnuts

Sweet pistachio spread: sugar, sunflower oil, pistachio 20%, milk powder, extra virgin olive oil 0,4%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place

Une idée cadeau originale : Assortiment de 4 petits plaisirs sucrés proposé par Oliviers& Co pour égayer tartines, un fromage blanc ou juste déguster à la cuillère. Le format idéal pour vos cadeaux Secret Santa !

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