Sunny Duo

  • A gift set made of Summer olive oil and grapefruit vinegar
  • A wonderful sunny duo for your summer cooking
  • A brand new creation Oliviers&Co
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Sunny Duo
Sunny Duo

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    Let's go for summer!

    Experience the essence of summer with our delightful olive oil and vinegar duo. Fresh and vibrant, this pair is perfect for enhancing your salads and other gourmet dishes. Introducing our two seasonal products, crafted to bring a burst of sunshine to every meal.

    In a gift box, you will find:
    - an extra virgin olive oil, Sabino Leone in a very Limited Edition
    - a grapefruit specialty vinegar
    - a pourer

    Sabino Leone extra virgin olive oil enhances summer salads, grilled squid, ratatouille, mayonnaise, tabbouleh, and roasted figs.

    Grapefruit vinegar pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. It enhances the flavors of fish or crustacean tartare, adding a delightful citrus note. When combined with raw vegetables and avocados, it provides a refreshing twist. It can also be used to deglaze white meats, giving them a zesty and aromatic touch. Additionally, a splash of grapefruit vinegar in a fruit salad elevates the dish with a burst of citrusy goodness.

    Name: Sabino Leone Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Net quantity: 500ml

    Origin: Italy

    Ingredients: 100% Carolea

    Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light 


    Name:  Specialty Vinegar with Grapefruit

    Net quantity: 250 ml

    Origin: Product of Portugal

    Ingredients: Concentrated grape must (sulfites), pink grapefruit juice 25%, white wine vinegar 17% (sulfites)


    This set is composed of our 2 products of the season:

    Summer oil: Oliviers&Co & Co has created a box with country and summer notes, like a call to the Mediterranean to set the course for summer! A delicious juice, characterized by its smoothness and softness, with subtle notes of almond and white flower.

    Pink Grapefruit specialty vinegar: Crafted exclusively from the finest pink grapefruits, harvested at peak ripeness, this specialty vinegar delivers an incomparable freshness on the palate and boasts a beautiful color. With no added flavors and no added sugar, it’s pure and natural.

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