Olive & Lemon Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olives and Whole Lemons pressed together
  • Oliviers&Co's Best Seller
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A timeless classic!

Traditionally, olive presses are cleaned by squeezing whole lemons between harvests. Olive oil producers discovered that crushing lemons and olives together creates a rare and fresh-tasting olive oil. Oliviers&Co's Lemon Olive Oil, a best seller rooted in classic Italian tradition, offers the fresh taste of lemon without the acidity. Its versatility shines whether baked into a pound cake or drizzled over poached fish.

Perfect in a vinaigrette, or as a glaze for meats, try baking with it, roasting with it, or simply drizzling over fresh fruit.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Lemon 1%


A rare oil from the Italian tradition: fresh lemons are added to the olives during the pressing. An all-natural product made in Puglia in southern Italy, where the tradition of pressed olives and citrus fruits from Abruzzo has been reinvented. In Abruzzo it was customary, at the end of the olive harvest, to degrease the millstones by crushing lemons. The oil obtained, very fragrant, was reserved for family use. Today, the lemons are pressed fresh and whole, at the same time as the olives.

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