Anne Amalric

Region : 
Haute- Corse​, FRANCE

It is on the island of beauty, on the Costa Serena, in a building with two hundred years of history that Anne Amalric has been producing almonds, olives and grapes for over 25 years.

But Anne's real passion is the olive tree! This olive oil producer, a historical partner of Oliviers&co, is driven by deep convictions of respect for the environment.

The Marquiliani estate is a charming place located on the Costa Serena of the island of beauty. This orchard benefits from a microclimate and an incomparable soil quality. The variety of its olives offers an oil of character reminiscent of the flavours of the Corsican maquis.

The Ghjermana olive offers an oil of character reminiscent of all the scents of the wild Corsican nature. This Grand Cru benefits from the AOP Oliu di Corsica, a guarantee of the origin of local olives and the place of crushing which guarantees the typicity and quality of the oil.