Canola Oil vs Olive Oil?

What is exactly Canola Oil? 

Canola oil is obtained by pressing canola seeds properly crushed and heated. It has a nice yellow color, is very greasy to the touch and has a strong and peculiar smell.

This oil, which used to be the main source of income in France, is only produced in small quantities today because of its difficult and uncertain cultivation, the small quantity of oil extracted and its taste, which is widely appreciated. It remains the main oilseed production in France. Research has made it possible to increase yields per hectare, to improve the finished product and to make it an oil of current consumption. This oil has nutritional qualities much lower than olive oil.

Converting vegetable, sunflower or canola oil to olive oil

If your recipe calls for vegetable oil or sunflower or canola oil, you can absolutely replace these oils with premium extra virgin olive oil. Any dessert recipe that calls for vegetable oil as an ingredient is a perfect choice for olive oil. In these recipes, the substitution would be a one-to-one ratio. Imagine how the sweet and delicious flavor of gourmet olive oil will enhance the flavor of a chocolate or carrot cake!