Chiara Zilianti

Region : 
Castelnuovo Berardenga, Tuscany

Il Fornacino Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of years of family experience in the art of olive oil production, perfected since the sixties. In the Saletti family, olive trees and vines are a woman's business. Lidia Saletti, her daughter Deanna, and her granddaughters Chiara and Claudia carry on three of the greatest traditions of Tuscany: Classic Chianti, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and hospitality. They understand the importance of the work they do and have no greater mission than to continue to do it better and better - continually improving the farm by planting a specialized grove and adding new, modern equipment. Deanna personally supervises every step of production, which is done on site at the farm immediately following the harvest.

Consistently, Il Fornacino is selected as one of the best ten olive oils in the world. The farm’s membership in the famous "Consorzio del Chianti Classico Gallo Nero" is another important guarantee of the highest quality production of wine and oil. If the Italians take one thing seriously, it’s food! This culture of commitment is evident in every bottle of olive oil that comes out of Il Fornacino farm.


The olive grove, mostly made up of Correggiolo and Frantoio varieties, along with some Moraiolo and Leccino, is spread out along the picturesque terraces around the historic Certosa di Pontignano, an ancient monastic charterhouse. The vineyard and the olive grove are situated here, between fragments of calcareal stones in the Chianti Classico territories. In reputation and in fact, these territories produce some of the greatest gustatory delicacies the world has ever seen, one of which is Il Fornacino olive oil!