Enzo Pette

Region : 
Milano, ITALY

Enzo Pettè is one of the new generations of chefs who, while remaining attached to culinary traditions, like to experiment and are mindful of the cooking evolution. One can break away from tradition, as long as the customer is able to recognize the authenticity of the products on the plate and understand their connections. Every food is of interest, as long as it has a high gastronomic value.

"Whether it is a first course, an entree or a simple soup, I start a dialogue through which I can express creativity, harmony, beauty, magic... In Italy, we are lucky to have a very rich palette of basic ingredients. We don't need to invent much more; everything is here, well almost... What interests me are the techniques of using heat in cooking. Classic or modern, they are the heritage and foundation a cook must understand and make the most of."

Enzo Pettè is at the helm of one of Florence's legendary restaurants where, from the very beginning, artists and intellectuals have happily sampled this innovative and passionate chef's interpretation of Italian cuisine. It is in the same spirit that he has created one of the recipes for Oliviers & Co's vegetable collection.