Ferdinando Guicciardini

Region : 
Toscane, ITALIE

The estate of this great Tuscan house, located near Florence, has been producing olive oil for 900 years. Count Guicciardini perpetuates a tradition of Italian excellence. The orchards on this land, which is also renowned for its great Chianti Classico wines, are of unparalleled beauty and each year offer a small but remarkable batch for Oliviers&Co. 

The Fattoria di Poppiano has been passed down from generation to generation for 900 years. It was Ferdinando di Carlo who gave it a significant boost in the 19th century, which was continued by his sons and grandsons. Today Ferdinando Guicciardini runs the estate, and has brought about a radical transformation and mechanisation of the farm. The basic concept is to make room for progress while fully respecting tradition.

Like any traditional Florentine farm, Castello di Poppiano combines the production of wine with that of extra virgin olive oil. Quality is a constant throughout the production cycle: plants, cultivation techniques, processing and preservation technologies.

At present, the Fattoria del Castello di Poppiano covers 265 hectares, of which 140 hectares are vineyards and 37 hectares are olive groves, designed for a rational and environmentally friendly agriculture.

The majority variety is the Frantoio olive, which originates from Tuscany and is renowned for its fresh and light oil.