Frédéric Chaix

Region : 
Lisbonne, PORTUGAL

Frédéric Chaix, master vinegar maker, is a long time partner of Oliviers & Co: we work closely together to create our aromatic vinegars and fruity condiments.

Frédéric began his adventure in Madagascar where he distilled his eaux de vie for 15 years. He then became interested in vinegars, constantly seeking the right balance between acidity and flavour of carefully selected ingredients.

In his vinegar factory in Lisbon, he designs and produces original and original combinations of flavours for the greatest pleasure of the taste buds. 

Frédéric Chaix pays particular attention to the selection of his vinegars, as well as to the spices coming directly from Madagascar, Reunion or other origins in the world. All his products are exclusively made in Lisbon. Only the best natural fruit is used in the manufacturing process. Its vinegars are guaranteed 100% natural, with no colouring, preservatives or artificial flavours. 

He combines the methods of maceration, cooking and gentle filtration to bring out all the expected aromas: fruity, woody, vanilla or spicy.