Gaêtan Boyeau

Region : 
Alpes de Haute-Provence​, FRANCE

A former submariner, Gaëtan Boyeau left the sea bed to adopt Provence and live his passion by becoming a chicken breeder and fruit and olive producer.

Gaëtan's secret: agroforestry, which combines the cultivation of olive trees with free-range chicken farming in the orchards to create an intelligent ecosystem. In the Galine orchard, the olive trees are not treated with chemicals, the presence of the chickens at the foot of the olive trees helps to reduce the development of parasites, and provides organic fertiliser. The old breed chickens scratch, aerate the soil and provide organic fertiliser. 

This atypical way of working, whose two main allies are time and nature, contributes to creating a balance where the fruit expresses all its potential to give birth to a rare oil typical of Haute-Provence (and benefits from the PDO of the same name), and above all: organic.

Fun fact: The Vergers de la Galine estate is located only a few kilometres from Mane and is therefore the closest neighbouring producer to Oliviers & Co!