Gianfranco Grati

Region : 
Toscane​, ITALIE

In the Chianti Rufina region, a few minutes from Florence, the two family estates of Galiga and Vetrice have been combined into a single farm. Situated at an altitude of almost 1000 metres, the orchards do not require any particular treatment, as pests only rarely develop at this altitude. 

The Grati family has been producing wine and olive oil here for five generations. Their long experience in wine making has been adapted to the cultivation of olive trees, allowing Gianfranco to produce a high quality olive oil. 

This great Tuscan vintage with its characteristic grassy aroma comes mainly from the Frantoio variety, one of the most widely grown in Tuscany. Harvested very early and pressed during the day, the olives keep their freshness and give all their character to this nectar.