Giovanni Ciresa

Region : 
Venice, ITALY

A Little bit of History:

Chef Giovanni Ciresa has raised the reputation of hotel dining in Venice while Executive chef at the majestic Restaurant De Pisis, located at the Bauer IL Palazzo in Venice. Its outdoor terrace seating overlooks one of the most spectacular sites: Venice’s Grand Canal. The dining experience will leave you speechless…

Trained in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Italy and abroad, Giovanni Ciresa's curiosity leads him to explore the many cuisines of the world, as well as the flavors of natural seasonal produce. "My cooking is full of international influences, however it remains anchored in the Mediterranean tradition; it's a cuisine that extols the purity of ingredients. Asparagus and cardoons in the spring, squashes, pomegranates, truffles, and chestnuts during the fall season, and all sorts of mushrooms."

Tokyo is where this talented chef recognized the importance of expertly controlling heat in the various cooking methods to preserve the flavors and freshness of the ingredients. His cooking style combines what he likes to call "the French touch"--- impeccable artful presentations.

About the Collaboration:

The vibrant vegetable recipes Giovanni Ciresa created for Oliviers &Co mirror his culinary philosophy brought to the level of art de vivre. The O&CO. Delice collection, developed by three world-renowned chefs, embodies the true essence of cooking: an entire vegetable garden captured in one pot! In this recipe, the delicate texture and flavor of spring asparagus is pleasantly balanced with the subtleness of the lemon confit. A surprising and delightful taste you never thought possible!