How to use truffle oil?

How to use Truffle Oil?


Choosing a good truffle oil is not always easy. There are of course different varieties of truffle and therefore oils, but there are also various different qualities and processes to make a "truffle oil". This article aims to explain how truffle oil is made, and which process we have chosen to use for our own range and how to better understand the notion of truffle aroma and the difference between white and black truffles. Truffle oil can be used in many recipes, that's why it is important to select it carefully in order to spice up your dishes with the perfect seasoning!


Which truffle oil to choose?


The oil commonly known as truffle oil is generally olive oil (and sometimes sunflower oil) to which truffle flavoring and sometimes truffle pieces/lamellas have been added.

The choice of olive oil and not other vegetable oils as a base is mainly due to the fact that the taste of the olive, which is sufficiently strong, is the most suitable for the taste of the truffle: they balance each other and are harmonious. 

Not all truffle oils are the same, and we recommend to read the label and check the following elements

- the container (often made of glass because it highlights the oil by transparency) must be protected by an opaque packaging or kept away from light: this product will degrade if it remains exposed to light (and heat) on the shelf of a store or your kitchen.

- the olive oil base (the main element of your truffle oil) can be of varying quality and freshness: choose extra virgin olive oil.

- the presence of a truffle aroma: without aroma, the oil will not have the taste of truffle. In fact, adding slices of fresh truffle to the oil brings almost no taste to your oil because this fat does not absorb the powerful scent of the truffle as would eggs placed next to a fresh truffle. The mention of aroma is therefore unavoidable and not a sign of a less qualitative product. It is the quality of this aroma that will make the difference and only your palate will tell you that ;)

- adding slices of truffle in the oil will not change its taste nor its quality, but is mainly intended to :

- permit them to mention the word "truffle" in the legal name of the product

- give the impression that the oil is of better quality, more natural.

At Oliviers & Co, our flavored oils are all produced with extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, and do not contain truffle slices.

Our olive oils are subjected to a rigorous quality control, we guarantee the quality of our truffle flavored olive oils.


What is Truffle Oil used for?

What to do with this oil ?


Truffle oil can be used as a seasoning or at the end of cooking to enhance dishes. It goes particularly well with potatoes (in salads or hot: steamed or mashed), risotto, pasta, fish or scallop carpaccio... It can be added either at the end of cooking or as a finishing touch to a hot or cold dish to season it.

Avoid cooking it as it would lose its flavor.


How to keep Truffle Oil fresh?

To know how to store your oil, refer to the indications on the back of the bottle and its optimal consumption date. As for olive oil, make sure not to leave your oil in the heat or light and to close its container between each use, so that it doesn't lose its taste qualities.


At Oliviers & Co, to guarantee you an optimal experience, our flavored oils are sold in a cardboard box that protects them from light before purchase and they have a 12 month shelf life: beyond that they will still be edible but will lose their freshness and intensity..


Is white or black Truffle Oil stronger?


Black truffle oil:

Its intense taste, with notes of undergrowth, even garlic, allows it to go well with meats such as veal, stews but also vinaigrettes, eggs or beef. It will suit those who are looking for a pronounced truffle taste or hot dishes.


White truffle oil:

Rare, precious and subtle in taste, it goes very well with white meats but also with fish, rabbit, carpaccio, risottos or seafood. With its taste being more delicate, use it on fine and cold dishes. Indeed the heat or ingredients with a marked taste will come more to pronounce its flavors. It is more suitable for aesthetic gourmets : connoisseurs will be able to perceive its nuances and marry it with dishes where it balances with the other flavors, without taking all the space, nor being obscured.


The truffle aroma


At Oliviers & Co our truffle oils are olive oils with truffle aromas.


Olive oil is a fatty substance that does not easily absorb the aromas of a fresh truffle infused or macerated in it. The use of an aroma is therefore necessary to offer a product that meets the need for an oil with a truffle taste.

There is no such thing as a natural truffle aroma and the notion of natural aroma is in fact the combination of several natural aromas of other ingredients which, combined together, reproduce the aromas of this tuber.


At Oliviers & Co we use a synthetic aroma for black and white truffles, carefully developed to meet our main expectations :


- to reproduce the taste of the truffle as accurately as possible

- to reach a balanced gustatory intensity and the most stable possible in time so that the oil keeps its taste several months after opening.

To judge the quality of an aroma, nothing can replace the tasting stage.


Recipes with truffles

Flavored risotto


Oliviers & Co has created its own truffle risotto recipe for a summer dish that will delight your taste buds. You will also find the Risotto set: all you need is a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a little butter and a shallot to make a very simple risotto.


Where to buy Truffle Oil?

Our boxed truffle set plunges you into the Oliviers & Co Truffle Oil delice condiments, spreads and other truffle-based products that will allow you to enjoy all the flavors of the truffle with different products. Find more boxes to discover the flavors of truffle to lovers of this tuber.