Jean-André Charial

Region : 
Provence, France

A Little bit of History - All in the family:

In 1945, Raymond Thuilier, sees the chance of a lifetime as he walks by an abandoned 16th-century Provencal farmhouse. He decides to leave the management of an insurance company and get into the kitchen of his own gastronomic restaurant and hotel. George Pompidou, future French President from 1962 to 1968, but at the time, assistant head of the tourism authority, tries to dissuade him: "For someone in insurance you don't seem to have much of an idea how to play it safe." "Maybe," Thuilier replies, "but you have to admit that I have a sense of risk." He was the great-grandson of an innkeeper and baker from Savoie; he followed in his footsteps; a vocation passed on, and later rewarded by three Michelin stars from 1954 - 1990.

In 1945, Raymond Thuilier, holds his first grandson in his arms: Jean-Andre Charial. Jean-Andre, a young Parisian, appears destined to be an electronics engineer. Later he graduates from the prestigious business school, HEC, followed as usual by internships, but not in big companies, rather in the kitchen at the Maison Trois and there we have it, history repeated itself and a vocation won out. So from 1970, the L’Oustau de Baumaniere’s kitchen became a family kitchen.

About the Collaboration:

Jean-Andre Charial, for many years, created special menus with olive oil, and was one of the very first chefs to create a culinary collaboration with and for Oliviers & Co. In Paris, Jean-Marie has a tiny "kitchen" in the shop on Rue Levy, a sort of scullery where we have been served dishes much to our own delight, dressed up with olive oil. We are grateful for Jean-Marie’s imaginative creations and think of them as another way of passing down a certain savoir-faire and great taste...