Michel Roth

Region : 
Moselle, France

After starting with the restaurant L'Auberge de l'Ill and Au Crocodile, in Alsace, Michel Del Burgo, Michel Roth joined the Ritz close to 25 years ago as a sous-chef, and worked his way up the ladder. After spending some time at Lasserre, a Paris institution, Roth returned to the Ritz Paris as the Head Chef of L'Espadon, without any doubt one of the top Paris kitchens, with a brigade of 80 chefs.

The simplicity of the flavors and freshness of reworked traditional recipes make the success of his cuisine. For his tapenade recipe he chose to highlight the caper, an essential ingredient for tapenade which is often overshadowed by the powerful flavors of black olive and anchovy.