Olive & Garlic Oil

3.4 FL OZ
8.4 FL OZ
16.8 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olives and garlic crushed together on the press
Perfectly balanced and digestible
Delicious on salads, potatoes, aioli, sauces, bruschetta, meat, vegetables, and pasta.
Garlic and olive oil are essential ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. Our mill operator from Puglia, Italy, reunited them by crushing the olives and garlic cloves together on the press. As a result, he produced an exceptional garlic olive oil that is perfectly balanced and easily digestible. A true must-have to cook in the Mediterranean style! A tip: dip fresh bread in Oliviers&Co Garlic Olive Oil and top with Truffle Salt. Delicious!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Garlic 1%

Our mill in Puglia, Italy, grinds olives and garlic cloves together under its millstone to preserve their aromatic qualities as well as possible. He has extracted an ideal garlic oil to spice up dishes and give a little more character to the ingredients. A must for Mediterranean-style cooking!