Olivier Streiff

Region : 
Beaune, FRANCE

After gaining extensive experience in prestigious restaurants in France such as La Bastide de Saint-Tropez, La Chèvre d'Or, the Grand Hôtel du Cap and Maya Bay, having taken part in the Top Chef show in 2015, Olivier Streiff took over the Relai de Saulx restaurant located in the centre of Beaune, not far from the Hospices. Calling on his roots as a farmer's son, Streiff celebrates seasonal vegetables through a cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean and the sun. 

About the collaboration:

To create his recipe for the iconic ketchup, Olivier Streiff started with a traditional Sicilian sauce spiced with a hint of Marsala. The different ingredients in this tomato sauce combine in perfect harmony, creating a wonderful balance of flavours. Low in fat and not too sweet, its extraordinarily subtle flavour complements all cuisines, from the Mediterranean to Asia. Just like Olivier himself, underneath the dark appearance of this ketchup hides a colourful and daring world that reveals our connection with this refined artist with a big heart!

He has also created 3 recipes for vegetarian delights that revisit typical Mediterranean ingredients: chickpeas and mint or peppers and black olives, eggplant...