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Oliviers&Co Know How

With 25 years of passion and excellence, with the millennium olive tree as an emblem, Oliviers&Co is proud to offer the Best Olive Oils in the World. Harvested in the finest groves of the Mediterranean, embottled in Mane, Provence where the journey started 25 years ago, each harvest, each bottle of olive oil will tell you the passion of the men and women of the olive tree.

Offering you the best was made possible by our passion and adherence to the strictest guidelines and selection criteria from harvesting to bottling For 25 years, Oliviers&Co has produced olive oils and Mediterranean products with a unique passion and dedication, inspired by the men and women of the olive tree. We remain committed to cultivating excellence, selecting the best olives from the best groves, handpicked at the ideal time. We dedicate ourselves to innovation while also being respectful of the Earth.

We consider the making of olive oil our craft, a tradition since high antiquity. Based in the Alpes de Haute Provence, France, but working throughout the Mediterranean, we have developed close relationships with our olive oil producers, the backbone of our business. We believe whole-heartedly in developing superior quality products and sharing with you what we have learned over the course of our olive oil journey.

Oliviers&Co Story

Once upon a time, there was Olive Oil

Oliviers&Co started out when a group of photographers began traveling throughout the Mediterranean in search of the olive growing world. As they tasted their way through the region, meeting friendly, dedicated people and producers, and an incredible diversity of flavors... Their inspiration manifested into the concept “like wines, olive oil could be tasted and worthy of recognition just as “Grand Crus.”

1996 - Oliviers&Co was founded

Oliviers&Co was founded in Mane, Alpes de Haute Provence to share the tastes of the Mediterranean. The first orders by phone were initially of just select olive oils discovered during Oliviers&Co’s maiden voyage throughout the Mediterranean.

1997 - Eric Verdier – Quality and Product Development Director arrives at Oliviers&Co

Arrival of Oliviers&Co's Quality and Product Development Director, otherwise known as the Oliviers&Co 'olive oil sommelier'. He is our “Oléicologue”. Eric Verdier establishes Oliviers&Co's strict olive oil selection criteria; recognized throughout the olive oil industry as the mandate to ensure premium quality.

Chef creation is born

Jean-Marie Meulien, a member of the Haute Cuisine Française and chef at numerous prestigious Provençal and Parisian restaurants, is enlisted by Oliviers&Co to cook up culinary creations inspired by olives and olive oil. Most of them have become perennial pantry staples such as Oliviers&Co’s Pesto Genovese with basil, parmesan and pine nuts and Bell Pepper & Ricotta Cheese Pesto, whose name speaks for itself. Jean-Marie Meulien serves as the gold standard for top European chefs who will contribute to Oliviers&Co’s future chef creations.

1998 - The first Oliviers&Co Boutique opens

The first boutique opens in Paris on the Ile St Louis, followed by several more in France. This store format would serve as the proto-type as Oliviers&Co begins its international expansion.

2000-2001 - Oliviers&Co goes International

Oliviers&Co opens its first international stores / boutiques in the United States: its first boutiques stateside in the New York City historical landmark, Grand Central, adjacent to its main terminal food hall, on Newbury Street in Boston and at the premier luxury mall in the US, in Short Hills, NJ. Oliviers&Co continues its expansion abroad: Belgium, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Braziland Japan while continuing to grow at a steady pace in France.

2002 – 2004 - 65 Boutiques Worldwide and Product Expansion

13 new openings, including Australia; to a total of 65 boutiques worldwide. Oliviers&Co USA continues its expansion with its 4th store opening on the emerging Bleecker Street in the West Village of NYC. Oliviers&Co expansion extends to its product line, as the perennially best seller – Oliviers & Co’s Premium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - is introduced.


Leadership: Mr. Albert Baussan, our chief olives grower becomes majority shareholder and CEO of Oliviers&Co

Oliviersandco.com: Oliviers&Co USA launches oliviersandco.com, first e-commerce website for the brand

Skincare Range Launch: With the increasingly prevalent health benefits of olive oil, Oliviers&Co launches the Organic Oliviers&Co home and skincare line.

2007 - National Recipe Campaign in Elle à Table

Building upon its advertising momentum in France, Oliviers&Co launches its first national advertising campaign in renowned French food connoisseur publication, Elle a Table.

2010 -2012 International Expansion

Oliviers&Co expands further in Europe into Greece, Romania, and Germany.

2017- Take over by Notus Technologies

Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, through his investment holding Notus Technologies, becomes the majority shareholder of Oliviers&Co after the death of Albert Baussan.

And Today

52 stores in 12 countries, a presence in gourmet and fine grocery stores and exceptional restaurants in France and abroad. A constantly growing organic range and innovations each year around condiments, oils and Mediterranean delicatessen recipes...