Truffle pasta

35 min
This super easy and yummy Pasta with Truffle Sauce Recipe will be ready in a crunch: perfect & tasty main for Gourmet & truffle oil lovers.
All ingredients

A few Oliviers&Co Summer Truffles

2 tbsp Oliviers&Co Truffle Oil

1 teaspoon Oliviers&Co Truffle Salt

Sour Cream





Drizzle 2 tablespoons of Oliviers&Co Everyday Olive Oil into a saucepan. Add sliced bacon chopped shallots and fry together on a medium heat. Add sour cream, and simmer on low heat in the pan (10/12 minutes around) Cook the Pasta into salted boiling water acccording to the instructions on the package. Add 2 tbsp of Oliviers&Co Truffle Oil into the pan add a pinch of Oliviers&Co Truffle Salt and pepper.

Mix everything together. Serve with Summer Truffle & Parmesan.