Everyday Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Hand-picked and pressed within 4 hours of harvesting
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with extremely low acidity levels
  • Limited edition!
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The best Moroccan olive oil! 

This fuity and round Moroccan oil reveals sweet notes of black olive paste and dried fruits. 

The name of this oil orignates from the famous ancient Roman city near Meknes: Volubilis. The name is not the only thing about this oil that pays hommage to tradition, this oil is the perfect representation of the typical flavors and tastes you would find from this land for centuries, just with an additional hint of freshness.

Taste profile: Floral & Delicate
Aromatic Notes: Black Olive Paste, Nuts
Olives: 100% Moroccan Picholine
Country / Region: Morocco
Harvest date: Oct 31, 2021
Producteur: Youssef Gardam

Eggplant caviar, hummus with sesame, soups, tagine, stewed dises, almond cake

Name : Volubilis Reserved Harvest Olive Oil

Net quantity: 500ml

Origin: Morocco

Ingredients : Olives : Picholine of Morocco 100%.

Special conditions of conservation : Keep away from heat and light  


Producer, Youssef Gadam, is one with great passion and is always seeking to create the highest quality oils. His process is fileld with care, favoring an earlier harvest he then picks the olives by hand and presses them only 4 hours after harvesting. This is what gives the oil such a delicate yet perfumed taste.

The mill is located between the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, and it is this location that allows for Youssef to produce an olive oil with such an exceptionally low acidity level of 0.17%.

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