Olive & Basil Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olives and Fresh Basil pressed together
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Enjoy the taste of summer year-round with Oliviers&Co's best selling basil olive oil. Made with fresh basil gathered at the height of the summer and macerated in extra virgin olive oil, this specialty olive oil is prepared according to a 16th century process handed down from generation to generation. In the winter, during the olivades (a Provencal word for the olive harvest), fresh basil and olives are pressed together. Simple and delicious! We love Oliviers&Co's Olive & Basil Oil over a simple dessert of sliced apples or fruit salad.
Drizzled over a fresh Caprese salad, pasta, any tomato based dish, or terrific as a base for sorbet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99%, Basil 1%


A rare oil made from olives and basil leaves. An entirely natural product obtained in Puglia in the South of Italy. Basil brings all its aromatic freshness and strength to olive oil. In Puglia region, the brilliant green answers to the grey green: basil grows up to olive trees foot. To make the basil olive oil, from September the mill master gathers bunches of fresh basil, fills stainless steel tanks with, before pouring olive oil. It is maceration. The second step occurs during the olive harvest period, in November. Basil and olives are gathered in the same time and pressed together with millstone. The mix of both preparations gives to basil olive oil this perfect balance of freshness and power for a pasta dish, a simple tomato or a basil olive oil sorbet.

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