Organic Olive & Green Lemon Oil

  • ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh Green Lemons added during the pressing
  • An exotic olive oil for exceptional dishes
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In Puglia region, at the end of olive crop the producers used to remove the fat from millstone by pressing fresh lemons. The resulting oil was very flavored and kept for family use. Today, Oliviers&Co perpetuates this know-how by simultaneously pressing organic olives & lemons picked while still green, before maturity. The result is surprising: an intense and incredibly taste of zest of lime.
Grilled fishes, carpaccio, summer salads, scallops, grilled shrimps, fresh goat cheese, red fruits salads, muffins.

99% Organic Olives, 1% Organic Green Lemon

The collection of aromatic oils is growing with the creation of 2 new organic specialties: Olive& Orange Oil and Olive&Fresh Green Lemon. Always still fragrant, these certified Organic oils are 100% natural, with no added flavoring: a delight for all gourmets who are close to the challenges of organic food.

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