White Truffle Oil

  • Intense and unique flavor
  • From Liguria, Italy
  • Enhance any dishes
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A delicious Italian speciality made from extra virgin olive oil (99.82%) flavoured, for all truffle lovers. Subtly measured it will perfectly evoke the subtle aromas of white truffle.

White truffle is prized for its intense and unique flavors. This Piedmontese specialty delicately blends olive oil with the white truffle flavor.

A drizzle as a finishing touch brings to life hot and cold dishes. Available in two sizes, only a few drops are necessary! Shake well before using.

Delightful as a final note to a risotto, eggs any style, soups steaks or on pasta, pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes, asparagus and slow-cooked meats and tossed with popcorn.

Extra virgin olive oil 99,82%, white truffle extract 0.1%, white truffle flavoring 0.08%

Truffles (not the chocolate kind!) have long been considered the jewel of Italian cuisine. Unable to be cultivated on farms and only gathered from the wild, these famed delicacies are gathered by hand and shipped to 5-star restaurants all over the world. White truffle is different from black truffle; the higher percentage of gas trapped in the white produces a lovely depth of flavor, with hints of garlic and shallot and an intense musky aroma.

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