Sabino Leone Extra Virgin Olive Oil MONOVARIETAL

  • Sabino Leone's best harvest!
  • A limited edition of 2000 bottles not to be missed
  • Gold medal at the international NYIOOC 2022 competition
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16.8 FL OZ

The most Refreshing - One Olive, One land, One flavor

The Frantoio olive is a variety from central Italy whose name literally  means 'oil mill' in Italian. In Tuscany, it is often combined with the other great Tuscan variety, the Leccino olive, which is sweeter and slightly peppery. This oil is distinguished by its freshness and intensity in the mouth; crushed on the same day as harvested, the Frantoio olives produce a velvety and elegant oil, with a very balanced taste.

The Frantoio has the aromatic smell and taste of freshly cut grass, fresh apple skin & raw artichoke. "The Frantoio Olive is the refreshing grassy type, similar to mint or the scent of broken wheat stalk..."

Taste profile: Grassy
Aromatic Notes: Apple, Artichoke, Cut Grass
Olives: 100% Frantoio
Country / Region: Italy
Harvest date: Sep 30, 2021
Producteur: Sabino Leone
As itself, Dip for bread, Beef carpaccio, Broccoli, Guacamole, Artichoke Risotto, Goat cheese

Olives: 100% Frantoio

Special storage conditions: Store in a cool and dark place 


The Sabino Leone Estate, located in Puglia, is run by Nino Leone and his father Sabino, whom both have a passion for quality and transparency and these have been attributes passed down for 3 generations. They are experts in the production of monovarietal oils and know how to bring out the personality of each olive in every oil.

"Nature cannot be forced and it is up to us with patient gestures, to combine everything necessary to make the product better, unique and irreplaceable"

One Olive, One land, One flavor

Made from a single variety of olive: the single variety olive oil allows you to discover the characteristics of a pure olive juice and reveal its character, its taste, its perfume, its subtlety in the mouth.

Like the grape variety in wine, the botanical variety of the olive and its aromatic maturity are strong markers in the taste of an exceptional extra virgin olive oil. However, the land, the climate, the harvesting method and the know-how in pressing the olives are also determining factors.

Always with a requirement of unique traceability, the 4 star

olives selected by Oliviers&Co for this new tasting initiation answer the sweet names of Buza, Hojiblanca, Frantoio or Cailletier.

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