About our Olive Oils Traceability


All our Know How is on your bottle!

Our labels always specify the country of origin, the domain, the producer’s name and the mill, the harvest date, and the varieties of olives. We rigorously inspect all our batches of Olive Oil each year. Production process is traced from harvest to bottling to delivery. Every bottle or tin of Oliviers&Co extra virgin olive oil will always include the “Best Before Date” which reflects the last day Oliviers&Co will sell that particular oil to ensure it is enjoyed at its prime. Alike wine, an olive oil is not getting better with time, keep it away from light!


A unique traceability from the orchard to the bottle

We control more than 1200 batches per year, both on the sensory and gustatory conformity, but also by a rigorous physicochemical analysis. All our oils are then bottled in our workshop in Mane in Haute-Provence. Because we don't want to hide anything from our customers, each label specifies the country of origin, the name of the estate and the producer, the date of harvest and the olive varieties.