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  • Incomparable quality products that have become bestsellers
  • The best of the Mediterranean
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Our Oliviers&Co Classics in a brand-new gift box!

For over 20 years, these four products have been Oliviers&Co's best sellers. Highly complementary for everyday use, "La Classique" olive oil, basil oil, silver balsamic vinegar, and the salt & herb blend have become essentials for Oliviers&Co customers, allowing them to cook simply with unmatched quality ingredients.

Give the best of the Mediterranean!

Freshly pressed Olive Oil with Basil is an ideal companion to elevate a Tomato and mozzarella Salad, enhance tomato-based dishes, add zest to salads, enrich dried beans, brighten up a spelled salad, bring an authentic touch to pasta, and enhance your sauces.


La Classique Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a kitchen essential for everyday cooking. It adds a delightful flavor to seafood penne, elevates composed salads, makes stuffed peppers irresistible, enriches veal sauté, gives a unique character to asparagus risotto, elevates gnocchi, enhances antipasti, and imparts an authentic flavor to focaccia.


Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is the magical touch for a vibrant salad, enhances raw vegetables, provides a perfect finishing touch to meats and foie gras, and adds an elegant note to your fruit salad.


The Salt and Herb Blend for Pasta and Salad is the secret to enhancing all your pasta dishes and salads, adding a delightful flavor to every bite.

Name: Olive & Basil Specialty
Net quantity : 100ml
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List : Olive 99%, Basil 1%
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

Net Quantity: 50ml
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient List: Cooked grape must (Sulfites), wine vinegar (Sulfites) - Acidity 6%
Storage conditions:Keep in a cool & dry place

Net quantity: 110 g
Origin: Product of Italy
Ingredient list: Dried sea salt, marjoram, tomato flakes, chives, onion
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dry place

Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nekeas La Classique
Net quantity : 100ml
Origin: Product of Spain
Ingredient List : Olives:  100% Arroniz
Storage conditions: Keep in a cool & dark place

This set showcases our four most acclaimed products, providing an assortment that allows you to blend oils, vinegars, and seasonings according to your creativity. It's an excellent and affordable gourmet gift idea. The set includes a 100 ml freshly pressed Olive Oil with Basil, a 100 ml La Classique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a 50 ml Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, and a salt and herb blend for pasta and salads.