Limoncello vinegar

  • A distinctive and authentic taste of Limoncello
  • So close to the drink itself
  • Fruity and lightly acidic
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250 g

Discover Italy!

This vinegar has the distinctive and authentic taste of Limoncello, the well-known Italian lemon liquor. It is sweet (though not containing any added sugars), slightly bitter, rich, and aromatic, so close to the drink itself!

Make a delicious cocktail using sparkling water, Prosecco and/or fruit juice!

Recommended Pairings:
 - Rosemary Olive Oil
 - Tuscan Herb Olive Oil
 - Lemon Olive Oil

Recommended Uses:
 - Salads dressings
 - Over roasted meats
 - With fish
 - Drizzled over fruit
 - As a drinking vinegar
 - Over desserts

Concentrated grape must, concentrated grape juice, wine vinegar, natural concentrate lemon juice, natural flavoring of Limoncello. Contains sulphite.

This product contains: sulphites

What is Limoncello?

Limoncello is a liquor produced mainly around Naples and in the Amalfi coastal region. Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner “digestivo”. The lemons used for this famous drink contain more essential oils than ordinary lemons, which lend it a particularly vivacious citrus note.

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