PZ Maslinari Istre Olive Oil - Croatia

  • A soft and delicious olive oil
  • A unique taste identity
  • New for 2024
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Discover Maslinari Istre olive oil, a new Croatian gem which combines the best of the Mediterranean and the rocky Alps. It is produced in the Istria region at the Maslinari Istre mill. Fresh and sweet, this oil reveals aromatic notes of sunny herbs from the scrubland, with a subtle touch of dried fruits and fresh green pepper. A pure delight to savor the authenticity of the Croatian terroir. Let yourself be seduced by this balanced and fresh juice, an essential experience for all lovers of exceptional flavors.

Taste profile: Floral
Aromatic Notes: Infusion Of Aromatic Herbs, Green Pepper, Dried Fruits, Immortelle
Olives: Istarska bjelica, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino
Country / Region: Croatia
Harvest date: Sep 30, 2023
Producteur: Sandro Grabrović

Zucchini puree, scallops with leek, veal piccata, mayonnaise, pan-fried shrimp, sweet and savory salad

Name: PZ Maslinari Istre Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Net quantity: 500ml
Origin: Product of Croatia
Ingredients: Olives: starska bjelica 40%, leccino 30%, frantoio 20%, Pendolino 10%
Special storage conditions: Store away from heat and light


For more than two thousand years, olives and olive oil have played a major economic role in Istria, becoming emblematic of the region. Historical evidence, inscriptions and archaeological discoveries attest to the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of oil since the Roman Empire. In 2019, the first Istrian cooperative of extra virgin olive oil producers was established: PZ Maslinari Istre.

The global success of Istrian olive oils is attributed to the region's unique geographical position, on the northern frontier of olive growing, providing optimal conditions for high-quality olives. The know-how and dedication of olive growers, such as Sandro Grabrovic, have contributed to this success. Saša Ukusić, manager of the cooperative, emphasizes the pride of their extra virgin olive oil labeled Protected Designation of Origin guaranteeing a certified high-quality product.

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