Olive & Pink Pepper Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olives and Pink Pepper pressed together
  • 100% natural & fruity notes
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3.4 FL OZ
An aromatic oil with fresh, crisp and fruity notes. An Oliviers&Co flavored olive oils 100% natural, with pink pepper pressed directly with the olives. You will like its floral aroma with sweet violet flavor and a rich rounding.Try this delicious oil next time you cook.
Raw or grilled fish (salmon, tuna), duck, carrot soup, summer salads, fresh goat cheese and chocolate cream.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 94%, Pink Pepper 6%

This subtle and delicate oil is obtained by simply macerating pink berries in extra virgin olive oil, without added flavourings or preservatives. Using an exclusive extraction process, inherited from the enfleurage techniques used in the 19th century by the perfumers of Grasse, the flavours of the pink berries are extracted while preserving the gustative quality of the olive oil. What are Pink Berries? This small, brightly coloured berry, native to South America, has long been confused with pepper. Brought back to the 19th century on the island of Madagascar and to the Reunion Island, this "false pepper" owes its success to its milder taste than traditional pepper and to its slight sweetness.

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